Best Drone with WIFI FPV with Wide Angle HD Camera

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Record aerial footage with our intelligent GearSky Drone! Its state of the art technology detects and avoids all obstacle so you’ll have vivid shots each and every time!

With its aerodynamic, lightweight, and slick design, GearSky Drone soars through the air with minimal wind resistance. The gimbal and camera are flush with the aircraft, significantly increasing stability.

Fly for up to 20 minutes with a fully-charged battery, capturing more footage.

In Tap Fly mode, just envision your shot and the drone captures it for you. Tap your phone screen and the drone, using vision technology, flies in the direction of your tap or exactly where you tapped while actively sensing obstacles.

GearSky Drone Features:

  • Intelligent drone Flight Modes Smart, reliable, and incredibly intuitive Quick Shot Videos with a Tap
  • High-Performance Camera capture Amazing images and stabilized video Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization Shake-Free Shots 
  • Foldable & Portable
  • 3-Axis Gimbal & 720P/2MP HD Camera
  • 3-Directional Environment Sensing
  • 32 MP Sphere Panoramas
  • GPS positioning and auto-cruise

    Package Included:

    • with 2MP camera
    • 1 x drone
    • 4 x blades
    • 4 x protector
    • 1 x remote control
    • 1 x battery
    • 1 x USB charger
    • 1 x screwdriver
    • 1 x product specification (manual)

    Due to large volume of Drone sales, we will not be able to send out before 15 March. You can continue to pre-order and your drone will be send out after 15 March.

    You will receive tracking code before 20 March.

    Pls allow 5 - 10 working days after 15 March to deliver the drone in US. Estimated time of receiving drone is 20 - 25 March for US address. Orders outside US will take extra 10-15 working days.

    Pre-order now at special rate of $64.90 only! Price will increase after 15 March.

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