HD360X - 3 in 1 HD Smartphone Lens Kit

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The Ultimate Smartphone Lens Kit is now here - the HD360X will take your smartphone Photography to the next level!

DSLR cameras are the photographer's go to tool, but the DSLR's are often big, bulky and too heavy to take everywhere.  Now you can take DSLR quality photos wherever you go with your iPhone, Samsung, or any other Smartphone! 

The HD360X easily clips onto any Smartphone camera lens and in seconds you're ready to take amazing HD quality photos. No addition App required!

Made of top of the line high quality materials to ensure durablilty and stability. 

The HD360X Kit includes 3 top of the line HD lenses that are quickly interchangable for every situation - Plus a Free Bonus Gift:

  1. 180 degree Fish Eye Lens
  2. 10x Macro Lens
  3. 0.67x Wide Angle Lens
  4. Lens Clip

Bonus: Carrying Pouch