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Hurdy Gurdy Mechanical Kit
Hurdy Gurdy Mechanical Kit
Hurdy Gurdy Mechanical Kit
Hurdy Gurdy Mechanical Kit
Hurdy Gurdy Mechanical Kit
Hurdy Gurdy Mechanical Kit

Hurdy Gurdy Mechanical Kit

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Build your Hurdy-gurdy instrument & crank up impressive harmonious melodies.

Hurdy Gurdy Kit

Go from playing an instrument to building one. This hurdy-gurdy mechanical model is an acoustic string instrument that you truly call your own.

Gain an exclusive behind-the-scenes on how this famous medieval European string musical instrument is built, tuned and played.

Once fully constructed, get cranking and start creating your melodies!

Hurdy Gurdy Kit


  • You build your wooden stringed instrument - From its component pieces: body, decks, gears, crank, tuning pegs, strings, and tangent box, you get to assemble them to create a single beautiful instrument.
  • A fully functional musical instrument - It's a working Hurdy-gurdy that you can immediately use to create your musical masterpiece, accompanied by a melodious pitch and tune.
  • Easy for anyone to get started on playing - Held like a guitar and plays much easier than a violin, the Hurdy-gurdy makes a great instrument for anyone (beginners included) to get started on their musical journey.
  • 3 Hurdy-gurdy music score sheets included - We've included 3 types of Hurdy-gurdy songs (easy, medium, advanced) in the instructions booklet that you can jump on board and start grooving with immediately.
  • Scandinavian medieval inspired design - The artisanal design on the Hurdy-gurdy is one that dates as far as the 16th century, making this instrument an exquisite collector's item.
  • Fully customizable according to your musical preference - Easily adjust the height of the melody and bourdon strings on the instrument's bridge. Gear mechanisms within the hurdy-gurdy also allows you to customize its resistance, allowing for easy tuning and maintenance of the instrument.
  • Hours of fun - Makes a great hobby for everyone, old or young. It's never too late to embark on your new musical adventure with the Hurdy-gurdy!
  • No tools required - The pieces are designed such that they fit perfectly together. Everything you need to fully assemble the Hurdy-gurdy is found in the box. Simply unbox and start!
  • Dimensions: 14.9" Height x 6.7" Length x 2" Width
  • Not sold in stores elsewhere.


  • 292 x Precision Cut Wooden Pieces
  • 1 x Fully colored instructions manual
  • 3 x Hurdy Gurdy Music Scores (Easy, Medium, Advanced)
  • 1 x Rosin block & Sand paper
  • 1 x Wooden hammer (Assembled from wooden pieces)
  • Various Hurdy Gurdy instrument strings