Portable Home Cinema

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Wouldn’t you like to be able to take the movie theater experience with you anywhere you go?

Our Portable Home Cinema Projector features a lightweight and highly portable design that can project high quality movies wherever you go. Directly connect it to your phone, tablet, or any other device for an instant theater like experience. Use it on the roof of your car during a road trip or for a movie night with friends. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to fit into your pocket, travel bag, purse, or backpack; perfect to take with you on any adventure.

The powerful bulb produces a display up to 120 inches wide at a 1:1200 contrast ratio, creating a highly vivid picture while also offering ultra crisp images at 1080p. Even at its brightest, you can still get 3 hours of non-stop projection. It sports an impressive 200 Lumens so you can still see a bright picture even in a well lit room. Fully equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, easily connect it to external speakers for an even higher quality sound. 

With multiple connection ports, simply connect your phone, laptop, or gaming system directly to the projector and instantly begin watching videos and playing games. 

The D5S projector has built in advanced Android 7.1 system, which can support WIFI and Bluetooth. You can download many applications on the projector to surf the internet, watch online videos, and play video games. Mini portable size and built in 4500mAH battery, will make it more convenient for you to project anytime and anywhere. It uses DLP projection technology, the image is much clearer than normal LED projector.


  • Compact Portable Design - So small and compact that you can fit it in your pocket.
  • Light-weight - Carry anywhere you go without making your bag heavy.
  • High Battery Capacity - with a powerful battery, you can watch movies or play games anywhere you like.
  • Powerful Bulb - Sporting an impressive 200 Lumens, the powerful projector can be used even in a brightly lit room.
  • Multiple Compatibility - with connections for USB, HDMI, Wifi and Bluetooth, you can be sure to be able to pair with any gadget. Connect to your iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, and much more!


200 ANSI Lumens
Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
Projection Distance: 0.35-3.5m (1 - 11.5 ft)
Screen Scale: 16:09
Projected Dimensions: 35-120 in
Weight: 0.265 KG (0.5 lbs)
WIFI & Bluetooth Connectivity
Battery: 4500mAH
Connection Ports: USB, HDMI, Audio, TF Card, DC