Rechargeable Cyclone Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless


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Portable Vacuum Ceaner

Power Display

In use, the blue light is on Low battery, red light flashes Red light flashes while charging Charging completed, blue light is on

Ergonomic Handle

Vertical design, the smooth handle is more comfortable to hold

Two Adjustable Suction

Easy to Attach Mobile Phone 30min Standard Gear 20min Enhanced Gear

Powerful Intelligent Movement, Brushless Motor

Temperature control growth rate, no fever

Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

No power cord binding No power outlet required, easy to clean home and car High-speed motor Efficient battery life, long-lasting vacuum 100000-speed performance Powerful suction 5000Pa Body weight <600g Lighter than 2 cans of Coke, easy to lift and clean >30min long battery life Charge once, clean large area

Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Small size, freely placed in the car Car power cord up to 4.5 meters long, easy to clean the front and rear seats

With exclusive accessories,

Pointed mouth suction Suitable for cleaning narrow places such as gaps, cup grooves, window tracks,. Brush + pointed mouth suction Suitable for cleaning air outlets, buttons, sofa surface, etc. (requires combined use)

Dust Bin and Filter Can be Wash

Can disassemble and cleaned at will

All Kinds of Garbage Can Collect

Nutshell Snack Slag Sandy Soil Coin Solid Liquid