Rinser Automatic Glass Cup Washer


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Kitchen and bar sink cup cleaner for saving time and effort. Ensure super-fast cleaning of any drinkware you have: from wine glasses to baby bottles or travel cups, leaves no water spots and fingerprints.


  • Quickly Clean Residue: Powerful water jets thoroughly rinse residue in seconds, while the subtle overhang directs water flow into the kitchen sink for easy clean-up.
  • Full Cleaning: From baby bottles to wine glasses to travel cups, it conveniently rinses virtually any drinkware, so you can spend less time soaking and scrubbing.
  • Installation: Must have at least 2 inches of space surrounding the installation hole and no more than 2.25 inches from the center of the hole to the sink’s edge, ensuring water flow goes into the sink instead of pooling onto your countertop. And has a water supply line. The supplied water supply line can be connected to hot or cold water.
  • Efficient and Easy to Use: Put the mouth of the cup down, and then gently press the bottom of the cup to automatically spray water for cleaning. After cleaning the cup, remove the cup and stop spraying water. The practical cup holder is beautiful and strong, can effectively place the cups, ensure the effective cleaning of the cups, and bring more convenience to your work.
  • Suitable for Multiple Venues: The automatic cup washing machine has a wide range of applications and can be used in home kitchens, bars, coffee shops, milk tea shops, hotels, etc.