Six-Finger Shooting Game Gamepad/Controller

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You can avoid bullets by left tilted head and right tilted head.


  • New gamers who just start playing this game.
  • Old gamers who want to improve their winning percentage.
  • Gamers who want to carry your girls and friends.


SIX-FINGER LINKAGE - You can simultaneously move, turn, left tilted head and right tilted head, aim and shoot operating by using our six-finger artifact, which could improve and augment your immersive gaming experience, and help you to be the best player in the shooting games.

ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER - The triggers can be 180° reversal in order to making your installation more easily, and which could not block when you install your mobile phone. The reversal trigger can make the "customize layout" operation more easily.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - This controller is adopt ergonomic design, which could makes you have a comfortable gripping in the long play-game time. Frosted surface could augment and improve your comfortable grip feelings.

SUPPORTED DEVICES & GAMES - Our mobile game controllers are compatible with the majority of mobile phone, the max width mobile screen size if 3.4 inch,and which also compatible with the majority of shooting games, such as PUBG, Fortnite,Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops, etc.

EXCELLENT SERVICE - If our Mobile Game Controller have any problems or which can’t improve your game experience, please contact us freely by email , we will replace the defective product for you.


  • Safe Material: Silicon material pad of the trigger could protect your smartphone

  • Charge Port: Don't worry about that the battery of your mobile running out while you playing in the game, cause the side of the mobile phone will not blocked, you can charge it freely.
  • Compatible with devices: The mobile game controller can compatible with the majority of Android and ISO mobile phone, supporting the max width size of the screen is 3.4inch.
  • Compatible with shooting games: Not limited to PUBG/ Fortnite/l1r1/Rules of Survival/ Knives Out/ Survivor Royale/ Critical Ops,etc.


  • Using this controller will not be banned for PUBG,because it's physical button,not bluetooth controller.By the way using bluetooth controller will get banned for PUBG.
  • Mobile phone with case can also use this controller if your case is not too big.
  • Our controllers reserve the charging port and music port,you can charge your phone and listen while playing.
  • The aim button and shoot button can be set as you like.Most gamers are used to aiming with left trigger and shooting with right trigger.


  1. Enter the game main interface, and click the "setting" button;
  2. Enter the "setting panel", choose "controller setting" and then click "custom panel"
  3. Enlarge the "shooting" button size and move to the top left of screen, move the "aim" key to the top right of screen or adjust as personal preference;
  4. Install the Mobile PUBG Game Controller, adjust the conductive sillicone head to the "shooting" and "aim" key;
  5. Press the metal trigger can achieve shooting;
  6. When the phone is of over-temperature, press the switch button on the back side;
  7. Please use matched charging cable to charge cellphone needed. One end for phone, the other end-USB port for the output port of mobile controller

Have you been trying to install the Trigger the proper way?

  • Installing it wrongly will make you press the Volume buttons which will mute your phone when you press the Trigger.
  • If yes, no worries explained below is how to properly install the trigger.
  • All you need to do is rotate your phone and make sure the portrait mode is either unlocked or locked depending on your phone settings.


  • Mobile PUBG Game Controller  x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Packing Case x 1