Tetris Light


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Bring Tetris into the real world with the geek-chic Tetris Light!

When stacked, the seven included tetrominoes emit a warm glow of light. Remove a shape, and it turns off. Chromed piping on each translucent shape safely conducts low voltage electricity and ensures that the light will shine even if two pieces barely touch. A perfect mood lamp at home, the endlessly configurable Tetris Light is also ideal for sparking creativity at the office. Officially licensed.


Features & Specs:

  • Includes 7 individual tetromino pieces
  • Pieces illuminate when stacked together
  • Create endless configurations
  • Dimensions (average setup): 11″ x 8″ x 1.5″
  • Officially-licensed Tetris product
  • Power: 120V AC adapter
  • Bulbs: LED
  • On/off switch

Arrange the pieces however you wish!

The Tetris Light comes with the seven tetrominoes featured in Tetris. As long as they’re touching each other, they will light up. So, go nuts! There are endless combinations to create.