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Are you a HARDCORE MOBILE PHONE USER that uses it almost the entire day? Or you are a GAMING GOD that plays any time of the day? Bet your problem is spending a lot on charger cables due to its quality and performance.

This Ultra Smart 360 Charging Cable will spoil you so you will never go want to go back to a traditional charging cable. Simply plug the end piece into your phone, plug the cable into the charging port and it’s DONE!


Now they will snap together and hold on firmly. The Ultra Smart 360 Charging Cable has a blue led light, so it can easily be found in the dark. Say goodbye to tangling cable! Our Cables are made of a high-quality nylon braided wire to ensure long life.

Sick and tired of flipping your cables back and forth to connect it on the right side? We were too, so we engineered 360 Degree Magnetic Charging Cable to have dual reversible connectors.

Ultra Smart 360 Charging Cable body 1

What truly sets our Ultra Smart 360 Charging Cable apart from other magnetic connectors is its unique beveled and concave magnetic connector design on both the tip end and cable head end.

This means once you connect the charging tip to your phone, the 360 Degree Magnetic Charging Cable will start charging your phone in a “snap” no need to worry about which is the right side!!. You can connect your phone even in the dark!

Through this careful 360° exterior positioning of 2 strong neodymium magnets on both ends, the tip only needs to be within the magnetic field of the cable end to be quickly attracted and connect seamlessly.

Competitor designs require the tips to be correctly aligned inside the cable head which requires guidance to be connected correctly if missed. Competitor designs also use weaker magnets and require a very perfect alignment of the cable and tip for a correct connection.


  • Magnetic design: 90 Degree Angled Connector Super strong magnet
  • LED Indicator: Built-in Blue LED indicator illuminates when the cable is active.
  • Ultra Durable: Made of highly-quality nylon braided cord and Aluminum metal case.
  • Easy to charge: The plug is separated from the cable. The plug can stay on the phone, Only 1 second connected to charge.
  • Dustproof Plug: The magnet connector could be a dustproof plug and prolong the life of your device. In addition, it can reduce the damage of your USB port by preventing frequent plugging and pulling.


  • Type: Lightning / Micro USB / USB Type-C
  • Length: 1 meter / 2 meter
  • Output: 2.4a (max)
  • Materials: Plastic, Metal, Magnet, Nylon (braided part)
  • Colors: Black / Red


  • *For iPhone user please select the Lightning version.
  • *For Samsung Note 8, S8 or newer, please select USB-C. Otherwise, please select Micro-USB
  • *For Pixel 1 & 2, please select USB-C.
  • *DO NOT use the magnetic cable in the environment full of metal shavings, metal debris will be attracted into the connector and make short-circuit. Clean metal debris periodically.

This Cable is only for charging, Not for data transmission


Package Includes:

  • x1 Ultra Smart 360 Charging Cable (set of cable and magnetic receiver head)
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